Hinter unseren BLOW Lampen und Vasen steht ein besonderes DIY Konzept, das industrielle Fertigungsprozesse greifbar macht. Das DIY Kit kombiniert die Materialien handelsüblicher PET Flaschen mit Verfahren aus der Glasbläserei. Eine Anleitung übersetzt den automatisierten Fertigungsprozess in einfache Arbeitsschritte. So kann jeder die BLOW Lampen und Vasen nur mit einem Ofen und einer Luftpumpe ganz einfach selbst gestalten – zu Hause oder in der Schule.

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The Reality

People are rapidly losing knowledge of production processes. We often don’t even know how everyday objects are being manufactured. The PET bottle is a great example of such an object. How great would it be to translate the automated production into a manual one, allowing to create your own unique design while learning about these forgotten processes?

“BLOW is a DIY design that gives insight into the production process of PET bottles by enabling the user to create unique and new products”

The Approach

To create a user-friendly process we first needed to examine how a PET bottle is industrially made. We visited a packaging company in Berlin to get an insight in this industrial process. 

We got a couple of preforms to experiment with the material, trying to  simulate the process. After repeating this over and over we found the best way to create unique lamps and vases.

“The DIY kit allows you to create something unique by using just an oven and an air pump”

The Design


The Result

Our BLOW products allow for creating a relationship with the product. The DIY kit is used for teaching purposes, comes with an instruction video, and shows a nice insight into industrial production. The product was awarded with a special mention for the ‘Copper and the Home 2014’ competition by the Copper Alliance. It is hopefully the first part of a series of DIY products that give insight into production processes. The lamps and vases can also be bought via our contact form and in different stores in the Netherlands.


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