We are a small full-service human-centered design and innovation studio in Berlin. We aim to create the best possible team of professionals to design and develop your ideas. Or even bringing them to an entire new level! Here is a list of services we provide:

Innovation workshops

Whether you already have an vague idea or looking for new business concepts. At the end of our 3 day innovation workshop you’ll have a bunch of new possible business cases, inspirational concepts and rough prototypes you can take into development. With our human-centered approach, you’ll be able to create applicable concepts for real people that address relevant new challenges or business opportunities.

Concept development

With or without our innovation workshops, we can turn your output or ideas into fully developed product- and business concepts. So you can adjust your strategy, product or services to the ever-changing environment. We develop the best concepts for your needs, while always keeping the end-user in mind.

Software design and development

Our design studio believes designing software products can be approximated in much the same way as physical products. This makes our agile developed web applications, interfaces and apps usable, appealing and accessible. We create interfaces that allow the user to engage, we perform usability tests during the entire process, and our ideas address all aspects of a product or service for optimized usability.

Sustainable product design

We conceptualise and evaluate ideas, turning them into tangible inventions and unique responsible products. By using first-hand experience and specific information we can create something that is both user-friendly, aesthetically appealing and environmentally responsible. We always test numerous sketches, visualisations and models with the user group until we get it just right.

Sketches from one of our social design services; responsible product design


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