Our approach

Innovation circles of Innovation Studio R

Being a small, down-to-earth, innovation studio allows us to have a personal relationship with our clients. We keep the size of our team to a minimum in order to provide the attention you and your company need. Whatever the idea, we are able to accompany you every step of the way; From the beginning all the way to the realisation into the real world. We aim to create *Reliable solutions for *Real people with *Relevant challenges.

We start without any pre-made ideas, we gather challenge-specific knowledge and look at the problem from various angles. Because we believe more original and better results will follow if you are freed from focussing on the end-result.

*Relevant challenges

We aim to find the best solution for every challenge by always placing people at the center of our approach. Our motto: look for the ‘why’, and the ‘how’ will follow. We act based upon reason and facts, not superstition. With the curiosity and creative eye of a child we allow our imagination and the possibilities to flow freely. We ask ourselves: what is the relevance of these questions?

We do fieldwork, we talk to stakeholders, we interview potential users and experience their reality first-hand. We do all this to create a deep understanding of the relevance, to figure out the essence of your question, and to get a firm, research-based grip on the subject.

*Real people

Together with a small interdisciplinary team including clients and end-users we will structure the gathered information. By using brainstorming and design-thinking techniques we are able to generate as much ideas as possible. We always try to question the status-quo in order to come up with the most ideal solution for the current challenge. Numerous prototypes and iterations of ideas are then built and tested in real life, as we do not believe in neatly made renders. By testing these prototypes with the user group throughout the entire process we’re able to come up with the best fit solutions. With this human-centered approach we can create products and concepts that your customers or employees really need and will use for a long time. We also think about the best ways to minimize the impact it has on the earth within the boundaries of the project.

*Reliable solutions

After numerous tests we are ready to develop the final solution; a solution that will change you and your company and that will impact people. As a design innovation studio we work closely together with experts in various fields. This way we don’t have to limit ourselves during the process and can we guarantee quality solutions. Behaving like an ever-changing network also allows us to continuously broaden our horizon and have a constant exchange of knowledge, abilities and ideas.

When the product has become reality, we help you to put it in place. But we won’t stop there. We continue to look critically at our realised solution to make sure we’re always ready to implement changes and improvements. This way we can keep it relevant, even when things change or new questions arise.


Our innovative work process of Innovation Studio R