About us

As a design studio we are responsible for what we put into the world. Most products available today are often things nobody really needs, and a lot of good alternatives are largely available. We wondered if by designing such products we where only enabling the increase of certain contemporary problems. Are we creating these problems rather than solving them? While trying to answer these questions we became aware that we don’t want to be that kind of designstudio. We want to be able to define our work as emphatic, social, problem solving and helpful. So we decided to shift the focus towards the process instead of the tangible result. From this perspective the product or result is never the end station; it’s the effect on other people or the world around that defines the goal and brings the real change in our lives.

Creating fitting solutions for people means getting to know their world and engage with them from the bottom up instead of top down. Talking to them and discovering what they are looking for or need, allows us to start from a different angle to really create something innovative but useable. Whether they are individuals or gathered in organisations or communities, we are able to come up with unique results by approaching questions and opportunities with the view of a designer.

  • – Ruben der Kinderen